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Your Virtual World

This would be the interface you can experience as part of the virtual world with online access to information or augmented reality as you view the real world. A lot of your information will be presented in virtual worlds.

Virtual Worlds Are a Big Part of the Internet

One of the biggest uses of the internet is the use of virtual worlds on it. There are a number of massively multiplayer online games and other virtual realities. Wikipedia:Virtual World covers a number of these. Virtual reality may become a major part of people's lives. How to best interface with a virtual realtiy? By experiencing the reality through you senses with direct interface with vision goggles and gesture based interface.


Practicing in a Virtual World to be Ready for the Real World

There is a lot of training being done in a virtual world be get ready for the real world. Some of the areas for this training are in the medical, combat, pilot training, sales, and disaster to name a few. Some of this training can not be even carried out in the real world - for example medical training does not allow for patients to experimented on. How about flying a plane through a variety of weather conditions on command. And repeated take off and landings of expensive planes is not easily done.



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